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hatefree_debate's Journal

Hate-Free Debate
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All Members , Moderated
If you're tired of the cutthroat atmosphere and flaming that goes on in other debate communities, then this is the place for you. Though this community was created with war debate in mind, it is now open to any and all topics (within reason, of course).

This community is open to people of all political persuasions. The more diverse it is, the better the discussions will be.

There is no specific format, but be sure to provide whatever facts and background information necessary. You are not required to state your own opinion on an issue, but obviously there needs to be something to debate in it!

With that said, a few ground rules:

1) All discussions will remain respectful. This community is only for people who are able to disagree without resorting to insulting rhetoric. in other words, no jerks allowed.

2) Do not disable comments on your posts, or they will be deleted.

3) Do not post or link to material that might be offensive to other members. If you're unsure if it's an appropriate topic, put it behind a cut with a warning.

4) No flaming or trolling allowed. You'll be banned immediately.

(Note: Thanks to abnormalsanon for her work in getting this community set up and running it for the first few months of its existence. The above "ground rules" were implemented by her, and I see no reason to change them. - Ledge)