Brian Smith (scorpio398) wrote in hatefree_debate,
Brian Smith

new discussion community

I want to announce a new discussion board: Compassionate Dialogue.
The goal of this community discussion board, Compassionate Dialogue, is to create a forum in which all people can come together to form solutions to society's problems and political issues by transcending partisanship and political boundaries that otherwise might tear us apart. Partisan politics and categories we put ourselves into have caused a rift, made us argue thoughtlessly, and have made it harder to solve society's problems. Real, sustainable solutions to society's problems cannot come about in the current political realm with so much useless quarreling, and without true, compassionate listening. This is beyond partisan politics, liberal and conservative, left and right, republican and democrat, green and socialist, anarchist and capitalist, religious, spiritual and atheist. Through compassionate listening and thoughtful, logical dialogue, we can come together, find a common humanity in each other, and begin to solve the world's problems.
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