matt (pxlt) wrote in hatefree_debate,

what did it mean?

i haven't posted in this forum before, i'm guessing this may have already been discussed.

i just posted a simple survey in my journal, very similar to one that was recently on Beliefnet (with a couple of more options that i think are key).

it will only take a second to vote, i'd really appreciate it if you did. i totally admit i am trying to get lots of people to answer the poll, but i think its a valid enough issue for the results to be interesting.

tsunami poll

the survey concerns the role you believe God played, if any, in the loss of 150,000+ people during the Indian Ocean tsunamis.

i'm curious to see what everyone thinks; atheists, agnostics, and especially believers. comments are welcome as well.

(the rest of the entry is about some of the skepticism i've developed as i went from Christianity to agnosticism a few years ago... hopefully no one will take any offense at what i've said, that was absolutely not my intention.)

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