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An Introductory Thought

Last night, I was walking to a class that never convened at the time and place stated in my university's catalog. But, on my way to this non-class, I passed a car with a bumper sticker, which read "Pro-Woman, Pro-Child/ Pro-Life." Pause.

What do you think about these words?

These were my initial thoughts:
* "Choose Life"--that's not so bad a slogan, if you just think about the language--just those two words in combination--rather than the campaign it's connected to.
* What do the owners of "Pro-Woman, Pro-Child/ Pro-Life" bumper stickers mean by "Pro-Life"?
* What does & can "Pro-Life" mean?
* Essentially, if you combine the sentiment behind the words "Choose Life" with "Pro-Woman, Pro-Child/ Pro-Life," you're presented with a tolerant perspective on the abortion issue--one which is not Anti-Choice.
* Jailing & Fining Women (i.e. overturning Roe v. Wade) in combination with Bush's abstinence-only programs cannot possibly be the best or even a satisfactory route to the amelioration of the abortion problem. However, the Pro-Choice Advocate who does not ponder the ability of the fetus to feel pain is an advocate in denial and ignorance.
* Abortion is not necessarily a clear-cut moral wrong, but the Pro-Choice Advocate must acknowledge that the issue of its ethical nature is at least a bit murky.
* I wonder if people understand that Pro-Choice and Pro-Life are not competitive but compatible concepts.
* I wonder how one goes about enabling and inducing critical analysis, beyond common-held polarized perspectives, in other people.
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